Saturday, October 6, 2007


What kind of a future are we going to create? A dream? A nightmare? A mediocrity? If we can conquer and transform fear we can create a dream.

In this episode I discuss the importance of facing fear. I also talk about the most life-transforming spiritual transformation that I have ever experienced where I had to face my fear. It was at a peyote meeting on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

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Scott Phree said...

Right On! I'm glad to see that there are people on this planet with the wisdom & forethought to understand the nature of 'reality' and to help others come to grip with the nightmare into which they have been thrust.

Unfortunately, most people only focus upon what they experience & if it happens to be negative, then they only perpetuate more in kind. You have the power to change your existence into the life you WANT instead of the life you feel you must lead. We ARE the creators, the writers, the directors & the stars of our lives if we just recognize this truth as FACT. Don't allow anyone else to define 'who you are' for you will only transfer the power within YOU to those who are in a world of doubt & confusion. Remember, "Misery enjoys company". Be aware of the company you keep. If you feel/think that you are 'unworthy' then you will only attract those who will reinforce that belief. KNOW that you are Divine and the Universe will present individuals who share the same experience. Follow the path of love & laughter and you will be presented with an abundance of the same. Go forth and be happy my brothers & sisters.

"Life is a playground, not a battlefield."